colonoscopy losangeles
Client:Dr. Berookim
Date:January 06, 2012

Dr. Berookim Undergoes Colonoscopy

As a strong advocate of the health benefits of undergoing regular colonoscopies, Dr. Berookim undergoes a colonoscopy himself in order to explain the preparation and the procedure itself in detail.

Colonoscopy screening is an important element in maintaining the overall health of the gastrointestinal system as potential problems can be quickly identified and dealt with. In terms of colon cancer screening, undergoing a colonoscopy is regarded as the best way to diagnose and initiate treatment of the disease. Those over the age of 50 are particularly at risk, with doctors recommending undergoing a colonoscopy once a year in order to identify and remove polyps which can lead to cancer.

Colonoscopies are also used to diagnose many GI issues, and contrary to what many people believe, are a straightforward and non-traumatic experience. Dr. Berookim has developed a reputation based on his superior level of care and bedside manner, putting patients at ease and taking the time to answer any questions or worries they may have. As outlined in the video, undergoing a colonoscopy is a great way to ensure GI health at any time.